– Digital Asset Management For Creatives

They say if you really believe in something, it matters. IT Architect Nicholas Tod and I have believed in building a Cloud-based business and media storage and distribution platform called, designed for Cinematographers, Videographers, Photographers, Production Houses, Advertising Agencies; any creative shop or business that needs to keep track of all it’s projects, and […]

Kollosche Smashes Another Record Price

All good things come to those who wait. Agent-to-the-stars Michael Kollosche has negotiated the Gold Coast’s highest price for a Gold Coast penthouse, fetching $9.5 million for property developer Ron Bakir‘s masterpiece. The Gold Coast Bulletin reports: It was originally put on the market at $12.5 million in 2016, with the price later cut to […]

The Spice Den Opens in Brisbane

Casuarina’s famous Spice Den has come north, opening a second location in Brisbane’s 40-storey SPIRE Residences. Spice Den’s fare is Asian-inspired aesthetic with an urban edge. We spent a mouth-watering day filming what makes Spice Den special.

McGrath Wrap

This video wraps up the work we’ve done for McGrath since winning the account in 2013, and resigning the corporate gig in November, 2015. We made most of our milestones but take-up on VPA (Vendor Paid Advertising) was disappointing with the market not responding as favourably as we projected to video. This was compounded by […]

BALLAM Sells For $12M

It’s Brisbane’s most expensive home. And Ray White New Farm’s Matt Lancashire wanted something out of the box for Don O’Rorke, the boss of Consolidated Properties. BALLAM sits on a prime 50m riverfront block in Harbour Road, Hamilton, rubbing shoulders with H-House, which we’d filmed for Heath Williams. It comprises eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms and was designed by architect […]

McGrath – Launching An Online TV Channel

platinumHD‘s proposal was to design, build and run a 24/7 online real estate channel for McGrath, complete with a team of four presenters in NSW and Queensland who would front property videos and interview Agents on listings and all aspects of the industry. There’d be purpose built, pre-lit studios/booths where Agents could record and file […]

We Up The Ante to 720. And The Game Begins

Alice in Wonderland. UP to 720. And now. The game begins. Last week, we re-configured what we call our ‘droplets’ and started compressing and uploading our videos in what’s called ‘720’ to the web for streaming. It was absolutely no coincidence we also invested in East Coast servers to deliver faster streaming speeds to our […]

The Mighty Slideshow Versus Smart TV

This could also be called “The never-ending search for the NEXT big thing.” A good friend of mine asked me the other day ‘Do you think that’s it for video?’ in the real estate business. The early adopters get restless when they know the rest of the herd is on the way. Video’s indent in […]

2011 – A Year in Review

2011 – a Year in Review. When you shoot more than 50 real estate videos a week (just on the Gold Coast) and manage an online video network that now stretches across the world, through multiple time zones, a PlatinumHD Propvid day is one long and remarkable 48 hours. What’s remarkable is the burden of […]