Freedom @ The Beach

Shot in between the smoke haze from the summer’s horrendous fires. Our first serious run with the Panasonic S1H. The first time I looked through the electronic viewfinder, I was gob-smacked by the clarity. Shooting through a Canon 85mm prime (thanks to a Sigma converter), with a polarizer in the Matte box, and you could […]

The Garland – Rainbow Bay

Marketed exclusively by John Mayer & Nicole Palmer from Ray White Mermaid Beach, The Garland means much more than just one of the new North-Facing towers, overlooking Rainbow Bay Beach and Snapper Rocks. It was a holiday home to returning Australian servicemen and women, recovering from the brutalities of war. For the campaign, we filmed a […]

Nirvana – Kirra Beach

Having worked on Reflection Tower II for Neicon, Marketing Manager Stephanie Tuttle commissioned us to look at Nirvana, while still a construction site. We’d have access to one ‘display’ apartment and to the facilities at Reflection, which would be similar in style. Everything else would need to be lifestyle. We start high on the cliffs […]