BALLAM Sells For $12M

It’s Brisbane’s most expensive home. And Ray White New Farm’s Matt Lancashire wanted something out of the box for Don O’Rorke, the boss of Consolidated Properties.

BALLAM sits on a prime 50m riverfront block in Harbour Road, Hamilton, rubbing shoulders with H-House, which we’d filmed for Heath Williams. It comprises eight bedrooms, nine bathrooms and was designed by architect Shaun Lockyer. It also included a second title and development application for a 10-storey riverfront building

How do you not be confronted shooting a building of this scale. (1) Do a site visit to establish what rooms are going to be lit naturally, at what time of the day. (2) How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

We arrived well before first light for the BUMP IN. The idea was to go from WIDE to MACRO. From a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the property from a few hundred metres up, spiralling down to a close-up of a blade of grass. To add to the suspense in the Opener, we superimposed statements about the home.

BALLAM was when we decided to really give ‘the edit’ a really good kick in the pants, using a music video clip cutting approach. Up until this time, we’d been relatively staid in our cutting.

He didn’t make a single change to the edit. “You nailed it.”

The eight week marketing campaign saw Matt show 447 parties the home, one even flying in from London and out the next day and resulted in six contracts.



Published by Brett Clements