This could also be called “The never-ending search for the NEXT big thing.”

A good friend of mine asked me the other day ‘Do you think that’s it for video?’ in the real estate business.

The early adopters get restless when they know the rest of the herd is on the way.

Video’s indent in the property industry can’t really even be measured at the moment.

If it could, it would be in single digits. We’ve still 99 percent to go.

We were hoping the mighty would champion the way but nothing came of it’s big video push – possibly because Murdoch is still trying to sell newspapers.

As a gimmick and an easy way to win a listing, video has certainly had it’s day. As it should. Video is no gimmick.

It is a powerful medium. Video is no longer the NEXT big thing. Because it is about to become ‘the thing’. Just as it has revolutionised every other industry on earth.

And you’re going to need to put a philosophy and a business culture and, heaven forbid, a thing called a ‘unique format’ around how you use it.

You’re going to have to use it in original ways; with original packaging. You’re going to have to cull the adjectives and write for TV. Now the hype is over, the real bloody hard work begins.

Producing consistent, quality content that informs, entertains, holds, thrills – and sells an audience.

As a great TV Producer once said “Make em laugh, make em cry…and make ‘em pay.”

And that takes real tradespeople in the art of production.

We’re a production house. What’s that on the wall? A SMART TV. What’s that for?

Published by Brett Clements