Ballin Downs – A Testimonial

This just in from Agent Jason Savage on the Ballin Downs video – produced over three days, for $15,000 plus helicopter aerials. And again, we broke all the rules here. It is a generally accepted rule of real estate marketing that you never ever film or even associate a home-owner or his/her memories in any […]

Ballin Downs. A’lysee’s Story

This marks the first time we’ve introduced a real human touch to a property film. This is A’lysse’s true Story. A’lysse also brought a real vision to this three-day production, aiming for a high-end polo look in terms of wardrobe. The production, the most expensive residential shoot produced to date, included two other pieces – […]

I Love My Villa

Love My Villa. ‘Amalifi’ cost over $10 million to build. With that sort of price tag, in this sort of market, any type of marketing is going up hard against it. To add to the challenge, 50 Knightsbridge Parade East, Soverign Islands, had already been “video’d”, photographed, floor-planned, 3D whatever’d and word-smithed to death by […]

Beechwood Close & PlatinumHD’s Five L’s of Film-Making

Platinum’s five L’s of Film Making 1. Light – you need to control it, and pack it. 2. Location – the place you’re going to shoot has to tie in with the L approach. 3. Lenses – without a serious set of fast primes, you’re restricted. 4. Look – the style, feel and genre you’re […]

The 19 Binda Place Bombshell

It made national news on Nine and Ten and by February 15, claimed the No 2 spot on The Today Show’s ‘Most Clicked On’. It was featured on all the free-to-air news bulletins plus A Current Affair and Today Tonight. And we received a bomb threat from a feminist group. Media Hunter said “Holy cow, talk […]