92 Savoy Drive. The Naked Truth About Last Night

Updated December 29, 2011: Views have now exceeded 100,000. Without any mainstream press. There are three versions of this film launched. Two on YouTube and one on VIMEO. Launching multiple versions was necessary due to some aggressive censorship on Neo content in the past. VIMEO now also offers up integration with Apple TV so seeing […]

Neo’s 79 The Sovereign Mile

If there was a fraying in the controversial, headline grabbing Neo pairing of Adrian Jenkins and Ian Adams, 79 The Sovereign Mile was the first loose thread pulled, with Ian begging out any main appearances in an Entourage-inspired piece featuring babes toting machine guys and Adrian dressed as a New York pimp but doing a […]

Lakelands by NEO

For those who don’t know, Neo‘s Ian Adams was a SWAT cop back in the UK. The best of the best. He has an unashamed, unabashed comedic quality about him, not dissimilar to the great Benny Hill. He can have fun with being sexist, taking it right up to the line with through self-deprecating sense […]

The 19 Binda Place Bombshell

It made national news on Nine and Ten and by February 15, claimed the No 2 spot on The Today Show’s ‘Most Clicked On’.┬áIt was featured on all the free-to-air news bulletins plus A Current Affair and Today Tonight. And we received a bomb threat from a feminist group. Media Hunter said “Holy cow, talk […]