Location. Location. Location. And an idea to market this apartment in Newstead. All necessary ingredients if you want to make a ‘film’ instead of a video. For this piece, we smoked it up and filmed a poker game in a Brisbane bar in Fortitude Valley. Why? Because the Buyer for the property would more than […]

The Garland – Rainbow Bay

Marketed exclusively by John Mayer & Nicole Palmer from Ray White Mermaid Beach, The Garland means much more than just one of the new North-Facing towers, overlooking Rainbow Bay Beach and Snapper Rocks. It was a holiday home to returning Australian servicemen and women, recovering from the brutalities of war. For the campaign, we filmed a […]

NOTORIOUS – 24 Paradise Island

notorious….widely and unfavourably known Using a model convicted of cocaine trafficking in a film called NOTORIOUS was always going to bring the house down. But who doesn’t deserve a second chance? Everybody knew what we were doing but when the #hit hit the fan, we were left holding the bag. I commented: “I think it’s […]

A Day In The Life -Cobden & Hayson

Mathew Cobden wanted us to capture a day in the life of his inner-West agency, Cobden & Hayson. So, we travelled to the other side of Sydney Harbour, strapped on a 1,600 mm zoom lens – and shot back on Balmain. This is one way to bank a lot of establishing wide shots of an […]

Illumina – Enlightened Living

It was a pre-light and camera-test at a dark bar in Brisbane’s The Barracks. And for the first time in a long time, I wasn’t in control, which always scares me. I had one chance to frame up and prove myself. “This job will all be about reflected light,” the Creative Director, Daniel Sumich, explained, […]

47 TE Peters Drive

“The Owners want to use Allira Cohrs and they want her in the spa bath.” Ray White Mermaid Beach’s John Mayer said as he briefed us on the film. I replied: “Do you know what you are getting yourself into here. She has double D’s.” Within 24 hours, it was the subject of polarised commentary […]

Meet The Man Behind The Voice – Ashleigh Mac

We’ve been working with Ashleigh Mac since we opened in South East Queensland in 2006. A highly experienced Voice Over Artist with a vast range and demonstrated history of working in the media production industry, Ash enjoyed a 30 year career as a Breakfast Radio host throughout Queensland and into NSW. Breakfast Host Brisbane for […]

Desiderata – Experimental Film-making For Real Estate

Desiderata. Latin: “desired things” – a 1927 prose poem by American writer Max Ehrmann (1872-1945) OK. It may be a little deep. But at platinumHD Propvid, we’re always striving to make more of a film about a property than just a video on it. I wanted to go for a colder look. We also brought […]

R.I.P Print

Print diagnosis in Australia now TERMINAL. Get your affairs in order. Long live The Internet. We started this business back in Sydney more than 8 years ago, treading the streets of posh Double Bay with a borrowed Sony PDX10 and a shopping trolly as a CREW car. Back then, only one or two Agents believed […]