LUME. Kangaroo Point

We had just started working on this project when COVID 19 hit, punching a few holes in the production. We’re still slated to return to shoot the penthouses. This is a generic ‘interim’ film based on interviews with architect Casey Vallance. When shooting new developments, the hard part is coming up with an idea for […]

The Game Changer

In June, we sold our RED Epic W 8K cinema camera and all accessories. After more than seven years in the RED ecosystem – and about $250,000 in kit, including numerous sensor upgrades to stay current – we just decided it was time. I’d never shot a bad picture with a RED camera. What I […]

ConDev Construction

The word ‘culture’ gets bandied around in the briefs for most Corporate videos. ConDev made it easy to capture. This is a company which embraces sport and team-work like no other. They build together. They train together. They win together. They lose together. It’s heady stuff. We were brought on board to capture the essence […]

The Spice Den Opens in Brisbane

Casuarina’s famous Spice Den has come north, opening a second location in Brisbane’s 40-storey SPIRE Residences. Spice Den’s fare is Asian-inspired aesthetic with an urban edge. We spent a mouth-watering day filming what makes Spice Den special.

Chadwick Real Estate Corporate Series

We were delighted when we got the call to tender for a series of corporate films for one of NSW Upper North Shore’s oldest and most respected Agencies. Chadwick Real Estate, with a track record of over 60 years. Even more so when we won the tender. Director Lynette Malcolm, MD Benjamin Goben, OP’s manager Jessica […]

GemLife & Living Gems

Why do over 50’s lifestyle communities have to look old? Our pitch to Adrian Puljich and Ben Livingstone was why not cast men in their 50’s ,who would obviously be married to younger women?  Then, bring in their families. Introduce a storyline of a CEO, burnt out doing the daily grind, and deciding to work […]

McGrath Vision – In The Rear Vision Mirror

We won the McGrath video account. We resigned the McGrath video account. The contract was bitter sweet. It was the most painful period in this Company’s life, resulting in a loss of more than $300,000 when the projected videos failed to materialise. It very nearly destroyed us. Not a lot of companies survive walking away […]

A Day In The Life -Cobden & Hayson

Mathew Cobden wanted us to capture a day in the life of his inner-West agency, Cobden & Hayson. So, we travelled to the other side of Sydney Harbour, strapped on a 1,600 mm zoom lens – and shot back on Balmain. This is one way to bank a lot of establishing wide shots of an […]

IGNITE – A Serious Corporate Video?

The brief from Greg Lemon was direct: “Appeal to Men Over 50.” And we want it super sexy. Be careful what you wish for. The idea was to spoof a TV series called Success Stories. With Jennifer Kachel playing the part of a reporter, the men were lost for words. In the first screening, both […]

We Are Broadbeach. V 1.3

Barney McGrath, ex-NY advertising guru largely responsible for the modern re-make of the real estate agency with his breakout vision for McGrath, had just finished a major overhaul on the Ray White logo and collateral. Now he was turning his blowtorch like attention to Broadbeach with a good idea. “We are Broadbeach.” Simple. It encapsulated what […]