Time To KILL Real Estate Cliches

When dealing with a medium as relatively new to real estate as ‘video’, it’s application demands a big re-think around dialogue. Take ‘You see’. Viewers ‘can see’ it is a kitchen. There’s no point in pointing it out to them. “As you can see, I’m in the kitchen.” Yep. We kind’a guessed that. The fridge […]

Towards the Holy Grail – HDR-3D

Towards the Holy Grail of HDR 3D Video The later part of 2011 could see ‘real estate video’ surpass ‘real estate photography’ in it’s one area of weakness. That of Dynamic Range. The technology isn’t available to ‘commercialise’ it for property just yet – the operative term being ‘yet’. What we’re talking about here is […]

The EVENT 2011

We’ve just wrapped production on what is, arguably one, if not THE, biggest in-room Auctions in Australasia – The EVENT of 2011, for Andrew and Greg Bell’s Ray White Surfers Paradise Group – the No 1 franchise in this global brand. The EVENT is a milestone on the Australian property calendar. There’s absolutely nothing quite […]

Liz Hurley & Shane Warne

When Brisbane Director Mark Deere arrived at Aurora Towers, in Brisbane, to commence Series 2 of lifestyle_urban for Chris Hinds’ RE/MAX Everything Property Group, he was determined to think outside the square for 2011. Last year saw us introduce a high fashion approach to presenting Brisbane apartment living for Chris, using words like ‘collection’ and […]

The 19 Binda Place Bombshell

It made national news on Nine and Ten and by February 15, claimed the No 2 spot on The Today Show’s ‘Most Clicked On’. It was featured on all the free-to-air news bulletins plus A Current Affair and Today Tonight. And we received a bomb threat from a feminist group. Media Hunter said “Holy cow, talk […]

Joint Venture With Gold Coast Bulletin

In a special joint-venture with The Gold Coast Bulletin, PlatinumHD Propvid is very proud to announce all Propvids shot on the Coast can now be easily featured in the real estate section at www.goldcoast.com.au – at the click of a button. http://www.goldcoast.com.au/property/gold-coast-real-estate.html Working The Gold Coast Bulletin, we’ve developed technology which integrates with www.goldcoast.com.au – […]

Agent FACEBOOK sites

In the fast-approaching world of ‘what’s next’, advertising will be FREE. As will content, to seamlessly transit from one page or site or theatre to the next. A Company won’t have one web site; but many of them. And with so many social media and content aggregation sites available – over 100, just with the […]

Queensland Floods

75% of the State has now been declared a disaster zone – a land mass five times the size of Texas. Lives have been lost. 200,000 Brisbane homes and businesses, devastated. Estimates to re-build run as high as $15 billion. Many of our foundation Clients, and our great mates, are in Brisbane. Mark Williams (CBD), […]

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

In the last few years, we’ve seen an explosion of online video. The world now watches 80 million hours of YouTube every day. Cisco estimates within four years, more than 90 percent of the web’s data will be video. Chris Anderson, Head of TED – the global conference on Technology Entertainment & Design – wrote […]

2,971 Propvids shot in a Year

Today, we started launching the final Propvids to YouTube for 2010, bringing the total content upload to 2,971 films. All these films are already streaming from this site – as first and foremost, we offer Agents a proprietary streaming solution. Since 2004, we’ve developed and refined and our own proprietary streaming system, allowing our Clients […]