Polo By The Sea for McLaren.

A social production for McLaren Gold Coast. We filmed the horses on a full-frame 100-400m Canon zoom lens, strapped to speed booster on a Panasonic GH5, rolling at 60 frames-per-second. The smaller microsensor gave us plenty more zoom. One of the problems I’ve always have in shooting outdoor events is the dirt and dust, and […]

Shane Colquhoun – Working The Production Triangle

This is on of my favourite shots of a working Principal, at the top of his game, filmed in 8K on the RED Epic W, on a Canon 35mm cinema prime lens. The interview was just as good, as Shane looked back on his career. We both arrived on the Gold Coast around the same […]

The North Penthouse of Chevron

Inspired by Versace, the North Penthouse of Chevron drips with Gold. Listed by Kollosche Prestige Agents, the Owners requested celebrity presenter Sophie Falkiner ‘model’ the property, having seen her work on a property in Brisbane for Queensland – Sotheby’s International Realty. The idea: Sophie coming home from an international modelling job in a limo and preparing […]

The Paddock To Plate Series For Simon George & Sons.

For Bambrick Media‘s ‘From Paddock To Plate’ social media concept for Simon George & Sons, dawn starts were part and parcel of the production. That means up at 2.00am. By the time the first colour was brushing the sky, Brisbane’s fruit markets were approaching peak hour. Tough men with hard hands. Which is what we […]


Australian actor Peter Mochrie plays The CEO of an energy company who suddenly retires to go and live life, joining wife Kristine Lehmann. Set in Airlie Beach, the CEO was produced for the re-launch of the Mirage Whitsundays in collaboration with Murray Jones from Brisbane ad agency The Big Ideas Group. The Financial Review says: One of […]

Sparks Fly. Winning The Race To The Bottom

An Open Letter to the real estate photographic suppliers’ industry. We watch with amusement daily as the big franchise groups battle it out with all the small independents, offering more for less. But wait. Much less! And lesser still. Cheaper and cheaper in a race to the bottom. Get your home photographed for ONLY $99! […]

The Fish Rots From The Head Down

A Fish Rots From….the Head Down.* Another leadership adage may be ‘lead by example’. Or, don’t ask others to do stuff you aren’t prepared, can’t, won’t or don’t know how to do yourself. Which brings me to the hot new business in town – outsourcing your social media, while the boss flies first class. Hello? […]

Branded Content in Full Flight

You may have heard the term ‘branded content’. Simply, it is serving something up to the general public that isn’t driven by sales #ullshit. We can all tell ‘the sell’. Branded content gives you a laugh, just for the hell of it. It informs or entertains you. It is brought to you by a ‘brand’ […]