The Social Experiment for Chris Gilmour

The Social Experiment. This is a road movie we filmed for Chris Gilmour – Australia’s Fastest Agent – from All Properties Group. Chris is a big believer in social media, especially Facebook. His billboard says LIKE ME and a lot of people do. So. We decided to put it to the test. The objective? Can […]

We Love Video

Human beings are made to feel things. We cry. We laugh. We love. We respect people who look us straight in the eye. We respond to movement. When video is used effectively, it triggers emotion. There are two types of video. Video shot to record something. A birthday. A Christmas. A moment in time. Then […]

The Gloves Come Off – March 28, 2012

This is a snap shot of the future of real estate video. A professional presenter, in this instance, popular Queensland identity Erin Connor, representing a brand; in this case Ray White Special Projects. Presenting a product on behalf of them. This is how almost every product is sold. From toothpaste up. When you’re ready to […]

The Blaire Witch project

It is not about the camera. The equipment doesn’t define the artist. The Blaire Witch Project proved that. RED has only entered our equation out of a desire to test, probe and exceed all existing limits. We couldn’t call ourselves PlatinumHD if we didn’t invest in the best in the world. Other sensors, cameras and […]

Real Estate Media Association

Unlike any other profession, cinematography and photography (production) is something you can just ‘claim’ you do. Go down to Bentley’s Camera House, buy a CANON 50D camera and ten minutes later – “I shoot real estate!” This isn’t a story. This happens. Once a month. Ring Bentleys at Pacific Fair. And that very same day, […]

Is Photography Real Estate’s Greatest Lie?

deception |diˈsepSHÉ™n| noun the action of deceiving someone: obtaining property by deception. • a thing that deceives: a range of elaborate deceptions. ORIGIN late Middle English: from late Latin deceptio(n-), from decipere ‘deceive.’ I’m never been backward in coming forward. My mother used to tell me I only opened my mouth to change feet. Recently, […]

RED Epic Test 1

Firstly. NEVER judge a camera’s performance on a compressed video stream. And we’ve some tweaking to do to handle this stuff. We were going to call this post the good, the bad and the ugly. You can work out what’s what. We also promised to publish our growing pains with RED. If we’re in the […]